Loreto Calcagni has perfect blend of
architectural and artistic experience


      "Architecture is three dimensional, just like sculpture, and unless I build what I have designed, I feel as if I haven't been fulfilled."
      Loreto L. Calcagni has a long-established reputation for construction quality and innovation and an artistic background stemming from his grandfather who was an artist from the outskirts of Rome. The combination is the perfect blend.
      While his background is in architecture, first as a self-employed architect, then as the owner of a land developing company on Long Island's North Shore, Calcagni feels

he has found his true medium in designing and building his own projects.
      Through Loreto Calcagni Associates' 13 years of experience in New York City and on Long Island, the company's client roster has grown to include many prominent corporations, retailers and residential property owners.
      With extensive architectural experience, and as a successful developer, Calcagni has an understanding of building design and economics that set his work apart from others.
      Calcagni stresses that he brings his

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